1. Spring/Summer 2016

    Rascals' SS16

    Rascals’ Spring/Summer 16’ collection is a journey into the unseen part of the city. Where the curbs, the bricks you barely notice anymore lives and where the city’s signs, which over the years have slipped into the streets backdrop reappears. The collection is powered by that very feeling, when the same thing you’ve walked past all those years suddenly claims your attention – connects to you in new way and contextualizes it self in your current stream of consciousness.

    ‘N. Copenhagen’, a reoccurring theme in collection, symbolizes the Brands unseen Copenhagen – Though not a correct term, it still refers to their local borough ‘Nørrebro’. It’s here the major inspiration for their latest line has been found, whether it’s the use of different striped patterns or choice of fabrics. The idea of empowering the less visible is also reflected by the various subtle detailing in otherwise classic styles, playing with different kind of necklines, print placements, and cuts.

    Lookbook SS16

  2. Autumn/Winter 2015


    Rascals Autumn/Winter 15’ lookbook is shot in their borough of Copenhagen to reflect the interplay between the seasonal inspiration and the brands rootedness in their local neighborhood, giving their design its distinct roughness.

    Insisting on passing on the virtue of classic athletic wear, the Copenhagen brands directions is still very much rooted in 90’s sportswear, pop culture, and particular for this season sense of fall, they found inspiration in the decade’s grunge culture. Adding heavier fabrics, such corduroy, velour, and fleece into the mix, the collection is yet a statement of the brands characteristics sense for injecting unorthodox elements into their otherwise sporty universe.

    Lookbook AW15

  3. Spring/Summer 2015

    Rascals' Spring/Summer 2015

    With Rascals’ ongoing inspiration in the 90’s athletic wear the brand has for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection strived towards merging this inspiration with the everyday movement and commuting in the City of Copenhagen.

    Shot in the part of Copenhagen where the collection has been brought to life, the lookbook depicts the interplay between the seasonal inspiration and the brands rootedness in their local neighborhood. The Rascals’ guys name this their urban athletic vibe; expressing the use of athletic inspirations as the background for creating versatile streetwear.

    The line consists of the brands clean jersey staples, which shows a playful use of cut and sew details in a colors ranging from the colors of the American flag to a fresh mix of navy and white. Untraditional use of ribbed fabric and logo-printed tape as consisting details emphasize the athletic inspiration.

    Lookbook SS15

  4. Autumn Winter 2014

    Rascals´ AW14

    Following their previous collection Rascals’ Autumn/winter 14’ collection continues the Copenhagen-based brand’s merge between sports and streetwear. Dominated by tones of navy, grey, and green the collection reflects the distinct roughness Copenhagen seems to take on during the winter.

    While still featuring classic sportswear and functional fabrics the collection expresses a more subtle use of their references to sportswear where sporty details are used in combination with knit wear, wool, and classic shirts. Moreover Rascals continues to pay homage to the 90’s and this time around a velour suit complete with velour bucket hats stands as a tribute to Jamirquai lead singer Jay Kay.

    Lookbook AW14

  5. Spring Summer 2014

    Rascals´ - Spring Summer 2014

    Proud to reveal our Spring/summer 14 collection – shoot in our local neighbourhood a hot summer day the lookbook emphasizes how the collection is a fusion of our love for the 90′s athletic wear and our rootedness in the streets where we live our lives. Expressing Rascals’ signature interpretations of classic sports styles, the collection aims to merge sportswear with Rascals’ everyday streetwear aesthetic.

    The line includes all-over floral printed mesh shirts and shorts while the fabric is also being integrated in Rascals’ trademark jersey styles. The use of “N.H 08” (No History) as a seasonal logo is a recurring theme in new takes on classic basketball and baseball styles. Outdoor styles as the bomber jacket complete with an embroidery cobra on the back and the printed fleece vests are clear hints to childhood favourites as “The Karate Kid” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

    Lookbook SS14

  6. Autumn Winter 2013

    Autumn / Winter 2013

    Rascals’ Autumn/Winter 13’ collection is an evolvement of their functional everyday streetwear introducing new outdoor fleece styles, polyester hoodies and zipped sport shirts. While these styles are inspired by the 80/90’s Hip Hop Culture, some of the more kitsch things from back then have also resurfaced in the collection, especially reified in the all-over splatter pattern shirt and their new Drive logo inspired by the 80’s neon aesthetic, likewise the movie “Drive” by danish director Nicolas Winding Refn. Another central part of the collection is the different Scraps print on various styles that originate from their Grandmothers old album. The idea behind the scraps was to create an uncanny feeling (actually an old Freudian term – Das Unheimliche) where the familiar becomes unfamiliar.

    Look- & Imagebook AW13

  7. Spring Summer 2013

    Rascals´ Spring Summer 2013

    I think unlike some of our previous collection this collection isn’t based on one clear vision because we wanted to create a more differentiated collection this time around. Therefore our inspirations are quite diverse and spans form early skateboard culture in California to sports styles from the 80′s with a touch of Middle Eastern culture. The general tendency to use different patterns and all-over prints is definitely also something we’ve been trying to integrate into the collection

    Look- & Imagebook SS13

  8. Autumn Winter 2012

    Rascals´ Autumn Winter 2012

    The Rascals’ Fall/Winter 2012 collection express a high emphasize on a clean sporty look. The inspirations are diverse and while our outdoor styles combines technical features with running inspired styles the hoodies and baseball wear make us think of the film “KIDS”. Furthermore, knits and more classic shirts create a more contemporary street look.

    Download AW12 Look- & Imagebook

  9. Spring Summer 2012

    Rascals´ Spring Summer 2012

    A winter in Copenhagen that seemed endless made us think back on our childhood and the summers in the suburbs. This act of escapism is pretty much the foundation for the Rascals’ Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  The sunny almost naive colour line mixed with 80′s inspired sportswear reminds us of what we used to wear while biking around the neighborhood.

    Download SS12 Look- & Imagebook

  10. Autumn Winter 2011

    Rascals´ Autumn Winter 2011

    Our first full scale collection and first collection to be released throughout Europe. The collection has distinct roughness to it intended to withstand urban environments during the winter. Copenhageners use of their bike is not seasonal, but function as theirs favorite means of transportation all year regardless pouring rain or snow-covered roads. As much as a good bike is required in these conditions, it also set demands for the clothes you’re wearing. But the Copenhagen Bikers doesn’t jump in a traditional waterproof suit, but mix more technical outerwear with their everyday street wear. This fusion was the starting point for the Autumn Winter collection that also draws inspiration from military clothing, which also holds a strong emphasize on its practical functions.

    Download Look- & Imagebook AW11

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